So many people are watching “Dancing with the Stars” and are inspired to start dancing but are afraid to start. We offer a comfortable environment for every level of dancer. Many of our first time students come to us with “two left feet” and are now happily dancing with both feet. Lack of coordination ...or lack of a partner need not stop you from coming out and learning with us.

At our Dance Studio, also located at the Burlington Social Club in Burlington, ON, we specialize in taking you one step at a time towards your ballroom dance goals. If you aren’t sure what those goals are, we have an exceptional team of instructors who can gently lead you through a variety of dances and styles until you feel you know what you really want to focus on.

Partners are not necessary at our dance studio.

Kids Classes Starting Again

Join our Kids Ballroom Classes for children aged 6 to 12. Children are fast learners and pick up steps and dances relatively quickly. Classes run from September through to June. Each term includes a performance for parents. Call or e-mail for more information.

Getting Married?......

We can choreograph your first dance for your wedding....either for yourselves and / or your wedding party.  Or we can just teach you some basic dance steps to make your more comfortable on the dance floor in front of your wedding guests..

What do I wear to the Studio?....

Wear comfortable closed toe and back shoes with a reasonable heel height.  If you can avoid rubber soles (which make it hard to turn), try to do so.   We are a casual studio, so wear jeans or casual wear and you will fit right in.  If you prefer to wear something a little more formal to “feel like a dancer” then go will not be out of place either way.

For more information about our Future Steps program in the schools, click here.

Do you want to learn to dance but aren't sure what you want to learn first?

Getting Started...

We offer both private and group ballroom dance lessons at the studio.  You do not need a partner to take any of our lessons.

Private lessons allow you or yourself and a partner to work directly with a ballroom dance instructor at your own pace and on your own schedule.  Private lessons are by far the fastest way to learn to dance and the most flexible with busy schedules.  If you wish to dance competitively, you also need to have private lessons.

Group lessons teach the basic rudiments of the most popular ballroom and latin dances - waltz, rumba, foxtrot, swing, salsa, cha cha, tango as a few examples.  Students can start in the beginner groups and once you have learned a few steps and techniques, you are able to move to the intermediate level groups.   Groups are kept small to allow for quality instructor attention to all students (usually 6-10 individuals).

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The Bottom line is....we just want you to have fun and learn at your own pace.

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